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Jesse James "Nazi" Photo Surfaces

And the hits just keep on coming for Jesse James. Fresh off checking into rehab and reports that estranged wife Sandra Bullock will indeed divorce him, a photo has surfaced of James in a Nazi get-up.

Us Weekly obtained the photo of James wearing a German soldier's cap, giving a "Heil, Hitler" salute. He also appears to be miming a Hitler mustache. The picture was taken in his home in 2004.

The photo comes out days after TMZ unearthed a shot of James' alleged mistress, tattoo model Michelle McGee, wearing a swastika armband at a photo shoot.

"He did it for shock value," a source tells Us Weekly.

But the magazine asks the question -- is James a neo-Nazi?

Though some have suggested that his West Coast Choppers logo resembles the Third Reich emblem, the biker is "just a history buff," an insider tells Us Weekly. "He had a stepmom whose father lost family in the camps, and they'd talk about it growing up. Jesse's not a white supremacist."

Adds another friend, "Gearheads are fascinated by war machines, including those of the Third Reich. But he's far from a neo-Nazi."


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