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Jesse Jackson Says Blacks 'More Equal, Less Free' Than in 1963 (Video)

Jesse Jackson appeared on Fox News today and recalled the past 50 years of the civil rights movement.

He was speaking from the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington D.C.

Jackson told Fox News that black people are “freer, but less equal” today than they were back in 1963, noted (video below).

"We’re freer, but less equal. I think there are those that would like President Barack to have his Lyndon Johnson moment. When Dr. King spoke, he was speaking to the White House, the Congress and the courts, 'Respond to our plea of inequality for jobs and freedom,'" said Jackson.

He also took a shot at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "stop and frisk" order for the NYPD:  "Stop and employ, stop and educate, stop provide health care."



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