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Jesse Jackson Jr. to Receive $8,700 in Disability Plus Pension

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is expected to receive $8,700 per month in government disability pay and a $45,000 pension, despite his crimes.

Jackson became eligible for disability pay after claiming to have bipolar disorder, though he had no history of it in his 17 years of service in Congress. Rev. Jesse Jackson, however, defended his son.

“This time a year ago I thought we may have lost him,” Jackson said.

Though his wife is not eligible for a pension, Jackson may receive a partial federal pension, given that he has been a federal employee since 1995. He will receive a partial pension because of pension reform that was passed in 2007, for which he voted in favor of.

The government is now auctioning off some $750,000 worth of items purchased with the Jackson’s campaign money, including a guitar once used by Michael Jackson, a mink cape and a Rolex watch.

There are also 24 items valued at more than $61,000 and 12 items listed at more than $21,000. Some include a Bruce Lee wall hanging and elk heads that hung in the Jackson home.

While the government will make money off auctioned items, it won’t amount to the pension and disability money Jackson will receive.

No date has been set for the Jackson auction.

Sources: ABC News, BreitBart


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