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Jesse Jackson Blasted By Ferguson Protesters For "Selling Out" (Video)

Famed civil rights activist Jesse Jackson has been at the forefront of most of the racial issues in America since the movement of the 1960s, but following 18-year-old Michael Brown’s death and the subsequent protesting in Ferguson, Missouri, Jackson is being called out by active protesters for not doing anything substantial.

An altercation between Jackson and two protesters was caught on camera, and in it, the protesters make clear their disdain with the activist’s lack of constructive action since the shooting.

“Hey, Jesse Jackson. How you doing? Are you here to support us?” asks one protester as Jackson attempts to leave a fast food restaurant near Ferguson, where the shooting took place. “You’ve been marching all day long? We haven’t seen you marching all day long. Are you going to pay the bond of those brothers that’s been locked up?”

The protesters continue to go after Jackson, accusing him of selling out and not really doing anything substantial for the community.

“Are you marching today with us, or are you just going to sit in the car?” asks the second protester.

“We ain’t seen you!” says the first protester. “When you going to stop selling us out, Jesse? We don’t want you here in St. Louis! When you gonna stop selling us out, Jesse?”

When Jackson’s driver tries to chime in and defend the legendary leader, the protesters refuse to listen.

“Ain’t no, ‘Wait a minute brother,’” responded the first protester. “This is real! We activists out here! … You’re not a leader. We don’t want you here, brother. Matter of a fact, you’re not even a brother. You can keep moving and get them brothers out of jail. That’s what you can do!”

Jackson has yet to speak out about this altercation with protesters, but it appears that many believe he isn’t doing enough to help support the people of Ferguson.

Sources: The Blaze, Western Journalism


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