Reality Show Star From 'Jerseylicious' Dead At 28 (Photos)

Mike Aktari, who appeared on the reality television show "Jerseylicious," died at age 28, TMZ reported. He was found dead in his hometown of Westbury, Long Island, New York, on March 13, police confirmed.

Authorities do not suspect any foul play at this time. There is currently no reported cause of death, and toxicology test results are pending.

"Jerseylicious" aired on the Style Network from 2010 to 2013. Aktari, a personal trainer, was dating makeup artist Olivia Blois, who was one of the show's central characters, the Daily Mail reported.

Blois worked at a salon with one of Aktari's ex-girlfriends. Tension between the two women was a major plot line at one point in the show.

Blois took to Instagram to post photos of herself and Aktari. She wrote a tribute to Aktari to accompany a collage of images:

My heart has never hurt this hard. I wouldn't trade those three years we spent together for the world. You showed me never ending love and loyalty. You accepted me as my crazy goofy self and loved it. You looked at me the way no one ever has. You had the most wonderful heart. I wish I made more of an attempt to get together to catch up when you asked. I'll always love you Milad.

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"One of my favorite photos of Mike and I," Blois wrote in another post. "Our time here is so valuable and limited. If there is someone who has a part of your heart, no matter what has transpired in the past, no matter what the situation might be..LET THEM KNOW how much they mean to you.

"Milad takes a piece of my heart with him."

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Several social media users offered their condolences to Blois and paid tribute to Aktari.

"My utter condolences," wrote one commenter. "I remember the beautiful passionate relationship you both shared. He's in a better place now."

"Oh my gosh Olivia...I'm so sorry. Prayers for you," wrote another. "I am taking your advice and letting those people know."

"Just watched jerseylicious, CANNOT believe what's happened," wrote another user. "I cant imagine the pain you and his family are going through. Hope your ok olivia."

Other Instagram users shared their stories of dealing with loss.

"I just found out the my ex died in February as well," wrote one user. "I was in such shock! Just because we didn't work out doesn't mean we didn't have wonderful times together. Sorry to hear olivia. RIP Mike."

"One of my best friends just passed the other day. I am so distraught don't know how to function," wrote another. "I am sorry for your loss."

Sources: Daily Mail, TMZ / Photo credit: Instagram via Daily Mail

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