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Jeremy Rusin Accused of Intentionally Releasing Pit Bull to Attack His Own Mother

Jeremy Rusin, 21, of Oak Lawn, IL, faces felony charges after he released his pit bull three times, intentionally allowing the dog to attack his mother, according to an Oak Lawn police report.

Rusin was charged with domestic battery, assault and battery, stemming from allegations that he let his aggressive 75-pound Pit Bull, named Diesel, attack his 51-year-old mother multiple times. Rusin also allegedly threatened a witness and assaulted a police officer while resisting arrest. He was scheduled in court on January 18, according to the Oak Lawn Patch.

The incident occurred around 9:42 p.m. in the 4900 block of West 91st St. in Oak Lawn on January 4, according to the Oak Lawn Patch. Oak Lawn is a suburb located southwest of Chicago.

Oak Lawn police report that officers responded to a 911 call of a Pit Bull attacking a female as two people stood by and watched. The caller told police that he was driving past the house when he slowed his car to see what was happening. Rusin allegedly yelled, “what the f--- are you looking it. Mind your business and get the f--- out of here,” the report says.

The police report states that the caller drove away and called 911. As he was on the phone, Rusin drove up behind him in a silver car. Taking off his shirt and walking toward him, Rusin allegedly told the caller he was going to “kick his ass.”

When police arrived, Rusin put on his shirt, but officers said he was “not making any sense” when they handcuffed him. As police were opening the squad door, Rusin shouldered an officer in the chest, the report said.

Police said that Rusin immediately fell to the ground, complaining of shoulder pain. After a brief struggle, he was placed into the squad car.

Rusin’s mother told police officers she was sitting in the living room when her son came of out his room extremely angry and yelling.

Because of her son’s agitated state, his 75-pound Pit Bull, Diesel, became excited and responded by biting the woman on her stomach and arms. The mother said her son got hold of the dog as she tried to run outside.

However, Oak Lawn police said that Rusin let Diesel go, allowing the dog to attack his mother again. The mother said her son did not want her to leave, so he reportedly grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her against the wall, causing her to hit her head, according to the Oak Lawn Patch.

As she ran outside, police said Rusin allegedly let the dog go a third time, and the dog began attacking his mother on the front lawn.

The mother was finaly able to ran across the front lawn and ask a neighbor to call the police. At that time, Jeremy Rusin allegedly drove off after the passing witness.

According to the report, the mom said she thought numerous times that her son was going to kill her when he kept letting go of the dog. The woman’s sister took her to the hospital after the attacks.

Officers said that the Pit Bull, Diesel, was so aggressive and unapproachable that police told Rusin’s girlfriend to take the dog to Animal Welfare League and leave it there until further notice.

Jeremy Rusin allegedly refused to be fingerprinted at the police station. He continued to complain of shoulder pain and kept banging on his cell door, police said. Rusin is being held on $20,000 bail at the Cook County Jail.



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