Jeremy And Christine Moody Arrested For Killing Sex Offender, Planned To Kill Other Offenders As Well


A South Carolina couple was arrested Wednesday after they singled out a registered sex offender at random and killed him and his wife.

The couple, Jeremy and Christine Moody, went to 59-year-old Charles Parker’s house last Sunday. Parker was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct a decade ago, and is on the state’s sex offender list in accordance with South Carolina law.

Moody wasn’t very familiar with Parker, but he knew him well enough to know that he was a car mechanic. Moody and his wife stopped in front of Parker’s house and pretended to have a car problem. After Parker came out to help the couple, surveillance video shows Jeremy and Christine Moody following Parker into his house with weapons. Once inside, the Moody’s shot and stabbed both Parker and his wife, Gretchen, to death.

“He planned to kill this individual last year, but chickened out,” Union County Sheriff David Taylor said. “But on Sunday, he decided he was going to kill him.”

It’s a good thing authorities arrested Moody when they did, because Parker wasn’t the only sex offender he was planning to kill.

“He planned to kill another sex offender on the register today,” Sheriff Taylor said.

After being arrested, Moody confessed to the crimes. Police aren’t sure if Moody has been involved in other crimes, but that’s something they’ll be looking in to. Moody reportedly hinted at being involved in other criminal activities, and he has “Skinhead” tattooed on his neck.

Union County Police found Parker and his wife’s bodies after a friend of the couple stopped by their house with a car problem. The visitor noticed the front door of the house was wide open. When he went inside, he saw the slain bodies on the floor. Authorities had to call animal control after arriving at the house because a pack of 18 Chihuahuas, several cats, and six chickens were inside.

As you’d expect, family and friends of the Parker’s were devastated to hear of their death.

“I ask that you give this family the opportunity to (grieve) and pull their thoughts together,” the sheriff said.

Source: CBS Charlotte


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