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Jenny Oliver Enters Unborn Daughter Into Beauty Pageant

An extremely confident British woman has decided to enter her daughter into a beauty pageant.

One problem: The girl hasn't been born yet.

Jenny Oliver, 26, is seven-months pregnant with her third child, Ella. The baby is due in July and if all goes according to plan, she will compete in the Bonnie Baby pageant in September. Oliver already has two kids, Jessica, 10, Steven, 7.

Oliver likes her baby’s chances. “With my dance skills and her sister Jess’s knowledge of pageants, there’s no way she won’t win the prize for bonniest baby.”

She also believes that starting her daughter off young will only improve her chances in the future.  

“Ella will do so much better in life with all that experience under her belt. They learn how to hold themselves and be poised, be confident and get to do charity work and wear gorgeous clothes.”

Oliver already has Ella’s outfit picked out, The Sun reported. “I’ve got a tiny pale pink and white dress in mind for Ella. She’s only going to be three months old but she’ll have a bit of fun on the day.”

The young mom also plans on getting in on the action herself.  “Jess is so excited to teach her sister how to walk in pageant style when she’s old enough. But for now I will carry her. Walking down that catwalk with my gorgeous baby will make me feel a million dollars — even though I’ll still be carrying my baby weight and wearing daggy clothes.”

Oliver and her husband, Steve, have been taking Jessica to pageants since 2010, so getting Ella started should be a breeze. Oliver is hoping that her unborn daughter’s pageant debut will be a success.

“I hope she wins — it would be fab to have a baby sash and crown to add to the collection. I have so much planned for her.”

Sources: The Sun, DNA India


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