Jennifer Lawrence Curses At Paparazzo For Touching Dog (Video)

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Some people are saying Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence took things too far when she issued some choice words for a paparazzo who reached down and touched her dog without asking first (video below).

TMZ reporter Charlie Cotton captured the moment on video when Lawrence exits Los Angeles International Airport in California, wearing a hat and keeping her head down. The man asks her questions about her flight and whether she is scared of flying in private planes after a mishap days before.

She says nothing, though her pint-sized dog, Pippi, passes near the reporter's feet, so he reaches down to pet the pup and greet it in a high-pitched voice. The "Silver Linings Playbook" actress quickly reaches down, grabs her dog and pulls her away.

"Don't touch my dog you f***ing loser," she says before hopping into the back of a tinted SUV.

Later, at the TMZ office, Cotton says that he was simply taken by how cute the little pup was and wanted to show affection, since Pippi walked straight toward him on Lawrence's long retractable leash.

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Some people sided with the Aussie reporter.

"Way over reacting," one Facebook user commented on a BuzzFeed post about the incident. "He was like omg. smol doggo. must pet. just like all of us…"

Another said that they "used to like her a lot but not so much anymore" due to her "unnecessary" reaction, adding that however "annoying" the notoriously shameless TMZ reporter can be, he was just being friendly.

A number of people called Lawrence obscene names, though she had her fair share of supportive comments too.

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"I'm sorry but if you are shoving a camera in my face and then have the nerve to touch my dog without asking, then I'm probably going to rightfully snap at you," another person wrote.

Several people agreed that nobody should touch somebody else's dog in public without getting permission first, especially because a dog bite can lead to a lawsuit that could require the pup to be surrendered.

"Just putting this out there: it can be dangerous to touch someone else's dog without their consent," said one Facebook user. "Some dogs (regardless of size) aren't completely socialized or don't do well in certain environments and can end up being traumatized and/or reactive."

Indeed, many pet owners and trainers say pups are highly perceptive and adjust their behavior based on the energy that their humans put out. One 2016 study originally published in the journal Biology Letters documented that dogs recognize emotions and body language and react to emotional cues, notes 

Since Lawrence was not at ease, her dog likely wasn't either.

"For my pups [unwanted attention] is an opportunity to improve their socialization skills," wrote another Facebook user on the BuzzFeed thread. " … It might have been more appropriate to be in full control of her dog and train to have him not approach strangers if that is what she wants."

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