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Jennifer Lawrence Heartbroken Over Clay Adler's Suicide

Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly "heartbroken" after the suicide of her long-time friend and former MTV reality star Clay Adler.

"It is really sad because she remembers him fondly and never wants to hear anything like this happen to anyone, especially to someone she once knew very well," a source told Hollywood Life. "It’s a shame and she is really bummed out over it."

Adler starred in eight episodes of MTV's "Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County"in 2007.

On March 25, he went on a shooting trip in the desert with a group of close friends when he turned the gun and shot himself in the head.

He died in the hospital an March 26 from his self-inflicted gun shot wound. His father Frank says his son was not obviously struggling from anything in his personal life.

"There were no signs, no real signs," he said, adding that his son "had been clean for several years."

Adler met Lawrence years ago when the two were auditioning and trying to make it in Hollywood, according to The Daily Beast.

"Clay brings Jennifer back to her humble beginnings and really has made Jennifer feel heartbroken," said an anonymous source.

While Adler's family is still trying to wrap their heads around the news, Frank takes comfort in the fact that his son's organs have been donated to people in need.

"Clay had requested that his organs -- and he did this years ago when he applied for a driver’s license -- that his organs be donated to people,” Frank told People. "He’s saved about four or five lives already and there should be more."

Frank stayed by his son's side "every minute of every day" while Adler was in the hospital to say his last goodbyes.

"They kept him alive a little bit longer so that he could do the donations we’re talking about," he said. "The hospital did say that he’s donated more than they’ve ever seen because his internals were in phenomenal shape."

Already some people who are alive today because of Adler's donated organs have reached out to Frank to extend their gratitude and condolences.

"Several [people] have gotten in touch with us already in complete thankfulness -- and incredibly grateful and incredibly sorry for our loss, but unbelievably grateful that they’re able to continue living," he said. "Clay would have been thrilled to know that."

"Clay would be thrilled that these people are now living because of him."

Sources: The Daily Beast, Hollywood Life, People / Photo Credit: Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV/Flickr

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