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Jennifer Fitzgerald Makes Deal With Chicago To Reduce $106,000 In Unpaid Tickets To $4,500

A woman has reached an agreement with Chicago after racking up more than $100,000 in parking tickets when a vehicle in her name was left abandoned at O’Hare Airport.

The Chicago Tribune reports that in her lawsuit that was dismissed earlier this month, Jennifer Fitzgerald said her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Preveau, left a car registered in her name in an employee O’Hare International Airport parking lot for three years. During that time, the car was ticketed continuously and, when Fitzgerald didn’t show up to court, the fines increased exponentially, city law department spokesman Roderick Drew said.

According to agreements reached by Fitzgerald, Preveau and Chicago, Fitzgerald will pay just less than $4,500 of the nearly $106,000 that she owed and Preveau will pay her the amount of the down payment, which is about $1,600. Fitzgerald will pay the rest off over the next three years, with monthly payments of $78.

MSN noted that Preveau bought the vehicle for $600 from Fitzgerald's uncle and that police ticketed the car 678 times before towing it.

Besides the tickets for the car being abandoned in the lot, tickets were also given many times for improperly tinted windows, not having the proper city sticker, expired plates or registration, cracked or missing windows and broken lamps, according to the lawsuit.

“Parties came together and worked out a reasonable resolution to this situation,” Drew said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “By following the terms of the settlement, at the end of this three year period Ms. Fitzgerald will be able to resolve the debts, receive her driver’s license — which she could not have with all of these tickets hanging over her head — and she can move on with her life.”

Sources: Chicago Tribune, MSN


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