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Jeffrey Massey Won’t Be Charged For Allegedly Pulling Gun On Door-To-Door Salesman

A Florida man who was arrested after he allegedly pulled a gun on a door-to-door salesman will not face prosecution. Cape Coral resident Jeffrey Massey got his gun after True Green salesman Russell Barrs ignored the “No Trespassing" and "No Soliciting" signs posted around his home and came to his door.

"I went like this, 'This is a gun, it is loaded, leave my property,'" explained Massey. "He was not leaving, he was not responding to my orders to leave.” He said that he wanted to have his firearm on hand in case Barrs attacked him.

The Cape Coral Police Department said that going on property with "No Trespassing" signs posted is legal but it is not recommended. The CCPD said that if a homeowner calls them and a trespasser is still present on the property, that person will automatically be subject to arrest.

"Every day of the week you're having sales people walk up to all these doors around here. Who knows who is licensed in the City of Cape Coral, who isn't? Who knows what their background is, what it isn't?" questioned Massey.

True Green employees, including Barrs, do not currently have the proper licenses to solicit door to door. If the company does not obtain the proper licenses, True Green could be hit with a $500 fine per employee for each subsequent violation.

Massey said he plans to sue the City of Cape Coral, the police and True Green.

Sources: NBC 2, ABC 7


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