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Jeffrey Marino Shoots Neighbor's Guitar Because of Noise

Jeffrey Marino turned down a plea deal on Friday after being accused of breaking into his neighbors’ home and firing a bullet into their guitar in Queens. New York.

Marino allegedly kicked in the door of their apartment and yelled: “Your music is too loud… I’m going to kill you,” according to court documents, reports

Marino is accused of firing his .38-caliber pistol into a guitar, which was hanging over the head of one of the residents.

After the shooting, Marino allegedly pointed the gun at all three roommates and told them “Give me your identification, I know where you live, if you call the cops I will send people after you."

Police officers, who were responding to the 911 call, caught Marino as he was attempting to leave with the gun, a switchblade and the roommates' IDs.

A search of Marino’s apartment, later, turned up 19 rounds of .38-caliber ammunition and three bags of marijuana.

Defense attorney Brian Pakett said that Marino rejected a plea deal that would have sentenced him to seven years in prison.

Marino was convicted of grand larceny and insurance fraud in 1994.


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