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Jeff Watson Wears Crotchless Panties, Bra at Maternity Store

On December 27, Oklahoma City police arrested 48-year-old Jeff Watson, who is suspected of exposing himself while wearing a bra and crotchless underwear at the Modern Maternity store in Penn Square Mall.

A clerk at Modern Maternity told police that while Watson was browsing for clothes, he asked her for her phone number and to go out to lunch.  The clerk refused.

The clerk said Watson bought some items then took his purchases back to a dressing room then called her over to help him.

The clerk said when she went to the dressing room, Watson was wearing only a bra and electric blue crotchless panties. She said Watson kept asking her to look at him. She refused and told Watson to leave.

After Watson left, the clerk called her district manager, who told her to call the police and file a report. Watson was arrested on a complaint of indecent exposure. No word if Watson will be able to get a refund on the bra and panties.


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