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Jeb Bush Proves That Money Can't Always Buy Votes

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Former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida reportedly spent around $2,800 per vote in Iowa leading up to the Feb. 1 caucuses.

According to ad-buy data from Morning Consult, GOP presidential candidate Bush and his Super PAC Right to Rise spent about $14.1 million on ads in the state — more than any other presidential candidate, Huffington Post reports.

The return on investment proved unsuccessful, with Bush receiving just 2.8 percent of the vote in the caucus. He walked away with just one delegate despite spending $2,800 per vote.

In a town hall event prior to the caucus, Bush called on his supporters in the state to vote and said he hoped to sway those who were still undecided.

“You’re from Iowa, I mean, that’s a serious responsibility,” he said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“And when you go caucus, I hope you have not decided, ‘Well, because the pundits have said this, or the left-handed Albanian votes here, blah blah blah blah blah,’ all the political stuff, that’s not why we have a democracy," he added. "We have a democracy so that you, first off, can help shape what the rest of the race will look like. I’m counting on you and I trust you and I ask for your support to caucus for me tonight.”

Bush spent roughly 18 times as much as caucus winner Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas for each vote he received, and 34 times as much as runner-up Donald Trump, Huffington Post notes.

Between all the candidates, an estimated $70 million was spent on ads in the state — nearing the $74 million record set by 2012 candidates, which made the 2012 election the most expensive ever held. 

Sources: Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal / Photo credit: Wikipedia, Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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