Jeanie Daniels Arrested for Painting Nails on Airline Flight

Burbank, California resident Jeanie Daniels (pictured, left) was arrested and detained for 10 hours for painting her nails on a Southwest flight headed to Houston, Texas, on Feb. 26.

Daniels, who was flying to see her boyfriend Jimmy Hauser, asked passengers on both sides of the aisle if they would mind her painting her nails; they all obliged her request.

Daniels told CBS2: “I thought it was all going well until the attendant came over and was very upset I was painting my nails, saying it was offending everyone around me."

Daniels went into the bathroom to finish and a second angry flight attendant was waiting for her: “She said, ‘Weren’t you just told not to paint your nails?’ Actually, I wasn’t. I was just told it was offending people around me so I did the right thing and went to an enclosed area."

The passenger went back to her seat and was confronted by the first flight attendant. Daniels recalled: “She said, ‘You just blatantly didn’t listen to my rules,’ and she just kept carrying it on and on.  She was getting so loud when I was sitting in my seat. I was like, just stop, and I was loud when I said ‘Stop bitching at me' because she wouldn’t end the conversation."

Daniels was later arrested at Hobby Airport in Houston.

A Houston Police spokesman said police officers interviewed the flight attendants and a witness, then called the District Attorney’s Office to try to charge Daniels with “abusive profane language.”

The charge was later dismissed by a judge. After more than 10 hours in jail, Daniels was released.

In response, Southwest Airlines released this statement: “The Customer in question was taken into custody upon arrival in Houston for behavior she displayed while onboard a flight from LAS – HOU on Feb 26th. The airport police became involved because of the passenger’s behavior and a verbal altercation with a Southwest Airlines crew member. Southwest Airlines is responsible for the safety of all of our passengers and employees.”


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