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Jeaneth Manzaniita Tavares Apparently Tries to Compliment Domino’s On Facebook And Gets Apology

In what appears to be a social media blunder, Domino’s Pizza replied to a Facebook post about its product with an apology. The problem is that the post appears to be praising the food.

Jeaneth Manzaniita Tavares went to Domino’s Facebook page and posted “Best Pizza Ever! Pan Pizza (and added a smiley face) Keep up the good work guys!”

As MSN notes, all signs point to bot as Domino’s responded to the post with an apology.

“So sorry about that! Please share some additional information with us at and please mention reference# 1409193 so we can have this addressed,” was Domino’s response, according to Gawker and visible on the Facebook page.

Gawker also reports that Consumerist suggests this is an auto-apology bot that hasn't been programmed to appreciate positive reviews.

A story on Consumerist says, “It’s possible that the Domino’s bot saw through all the exclamation points, smiley faces and kind words and read this as a sarcastic comment. If so, then it has a better sarcasm detector than we do.”

Instead of just admitting to the social media error, AdRANTs reported that Domino’s stated, "No, we meant we were sorry it took Jeaneth so long to enjoy the best pizza ever. Think of all the pizza she's likely had that wasn't the best ever! Yeah, that's it.... Thanks so much for the kind words, Jeaneth."

Sources: Gawker, MSN, Consumerist, AdRANTs


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