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46-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Attacking Elderly Boyfriend With Hacksaw

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In a fit of jealousy, one Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, woman sliced up her 82-year-old boyfriend’s groin with a hacksaw on Friday.

While it’s unclear if the man cheated, or what the source of Bonnie Treaster’s jealousy was, the man told police that Treaster initially attacked him with her fists and then household objects. Treaster, 46, then allegedly chased the man into his garage and hit his face with a metal clamp used to hold up exhaust pipes, Centre Daily Times reports.

Treaster then allegedly mounted the man until he could hardly breath, grabbed a hacksaw, attempted to pull down his pants, and tried to hack off his genitals. The man managed to get free and tried to run, though his groin wound was reportedly bleeding. Treaster caught up with the man in a pickup truck and brought him home, where she started yelling at him again.

She then reportedly struck the man in the mouth with a model airplane. Following the incident, the two went to the hospital so the man could be treated. On the way there, he and Treaster made up a story about a stranger breaking into the home, which is why he initially told police that a home intruder had assaulted him.

When the man arrived at the hospital, he needed stitches and had a minor brain bleed. He also had a black and blue left eye and a groin injury, according to Centre Daily Times.

Treaster is currently jailed on $75,000 bail pending. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 27.

Sources: DailyMail, Centre Daily Times

Photo Credit: DailyMail


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