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Jay-Z Supports Gay Marriage

Jay-Z revealed yesterday that he is in support of gay marriage.

In an interview with CNN, the star was asked his thoughts about President Obama’s recent support of gay marriage. He said that he believed that not allowing gays to marry was holding America back and that whatever a person does in their home is no one else’s business. He likened it to discrimination against blacks as well.

Further in the interview, he was asked if he thought Obama’s revelation would cost him votes in the election. Jay-Z answered that the President’s support of gay marriage isn’t about votes, but about people and being a human being.

Jay-Z is one of many musicians, including Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys, who expressed their support and happiness following President Obama voicing his own support.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jay-Z also revealed that he’s trying to get the President to perform at the Budweiser Made in America music festival he’s curating this Labor Day in Philadelphia. He doesn’t expect the President will say yes, but he’s still going to ask!


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