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Jason Phillips On Probation For Posting Photo Of Undercover Police Officer On Facebook

Posting a photo on Facebook is good. Posting a photo of a police officer is not as good. Posting a photo of an undercover police officer, and then identifying him as such on Facebook is bad, and now Jason Phillips is on probation for doing just that, according to The Toledo Blade.

Phillips, a 38-year-old Toledo man, was sentenced to two years of probation with 30 days of electronic monitoring and 60 hours of community service for taking a picture of an undercover police officer in the city’s municipal court and posting it to Facebook as “a joke.” He was arrested in January, because the act "hampers or impedes that officer in the performance of his duties."

As unfortunate as his Phillips sentence may seem, it pales in comparison to the charges levied against Melissa Walthall, a Texas woman who was charged with retaliation, a felony when she posted an undercover narcotics officer’s photo on Facebook, according to ABC News.

"It's a very dangerous situation," said Kevin Lawrence, executive director of the Texas Municipal Police Association to ABC News.

"If you're trying to infiltrate a cartel, a drug ring, a gang, one of the keys is people have to believe you're not an officer," he said. "Anything that hints at tying you to law enforcement is very dangerous."  

Sources: WBNS, ABC News


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