Jared Fogle's New Prison Job Is Hilariously Fitting


Jared Fogle is back in the food industry. But this time, he's in the prison cafeteria.

On March 16, Opposing Views featured this article, reporting that Fogle was attacked during a prison yard fight in which a 60-year-old man beat him up.

It seems the disgraced ex-Subway spokesman and convicted pedophile has recovered and is performing kitchen duties at Federal Correctional Institution Englewood, according to TMZ.

Perhaps prison administrators had a sense of humor when they assigned him the role of sandwich artist at the end of the line.

TMZ reports that the officials were secretly laughing over the irony of Fogle handling foot-longs. The only problem is that fellow prisoners felt Fogle was getting special treatment with the cozy job, so they moved him from the inmate cafeteria.

Now he’s serving food at the correctional officers’ cafeteria, which could be considered a promotion since it serves upscale food like steak.

While it’s uncertain if Fogle gets to sample the fare he serves, it’s sure to draw more resentment from fellow inmates.

Sources: TMZ, Opposing Views / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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