Japanese Woman Unknowingly Lives With Brother's Corpse for 18 Months, Then Puts It Out With Garbage


When a Japanese woman found out she was living with her brother’s corpse for over a year, she allegedly decided to cut up the body and put it out with trash.

Two Japanese sisters, who decided to move away from their home in November 2012, learned their reclusive 48-year-old brother, Masao Tadano, had died locked away in his room. Unsure how long he had been dead, one sister decided to chop up the skeletonized corpse, placing it in plastics bags and putting them in the trash.

"I did not want to be criticized and thought it would be got rid of in the trash," the sister, 49, said, according to an investigator who spoke with the Sankei Shimbun newspaper.

The three lived in an old home in Northern Hokkaido where Tadano kept to his room and had not communicated with his family for years.

The remains were discovered by demolition workers at the house among a number of bags of household trash the sisters left when they moved out. Although no exact date was given, investigators believe Tadano was dead at least 18 months before he was discovered.

The sister, who was not charged with connection to the brother’s death, could still face charges for abandoning a corpse.

Sources: Daily Telegraph, NY Daily News


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