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Japanese Stalker Who Poisoned A Woman’s Shoes With Acid Gets Seven Years In Jail

A court in Japan sentenced a man to seven years in prison on Friday for poisoning a female coworker’s shoes with corrosive acid.

Tatsujiri Fukasawa, 41, began stalking his colleague after she turned down his romantic advances.

He poured acid into her shoes late last year.

She went into the hospital complaining of foot pain. Doctors found she had developed gangrene on one foot. The woman later had to have the tips of her toes amputated.

Fukasawa got the acid from a laboratory where he worked with the victim.

"This was a vicious crime because he used a chemical that can kill people," said Judge Takafumi Miyamoto of the Shizuoka District Court, Jiji Press news agency said.

If absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, hydrofluoric acid can cause death.

Sources: Fox News, Raw Story


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