Japanese Man Raised in Poverty Discovers He Was Switched At Birth After Actually Being Born to Wealthy Parents


A 60-year-old man in Japan was shocked to discover that he was switched at birth and that, after being raised in poverty by the family that he thought was his, his biological parents were extremely wealthy and successful.

“I’ve wondered ‘how on earth could this happen?” said the man in a press conference after winning a lawsuit against the hospital he was born in. “I couldn’t believe it. To be honest, I didn’t want to accept it. I might have had a different life. I want (the hospital) to roll back the clock to the day I was born.”

The man, who is not married and drives a truck for a living, was awarded 38 million yen, or $374,000, in damages by a Tokyo court. The hospital apparently switched the man with another baby that was born just 13 minutes later. That baby went on to be raised in a wealthy family and is a successful business owner.

According to reports, the three siblings of the wealthy man decided to have a DNA test done because they always questioned why he looked nothing like them. They eventually discovered that their biological sibling was actually the other man.

Now, the man is trying to form a relationship with his biological siblings but says that he wishes he had been able to meet his real parents.

"As I saw pictures of my (biological) parents, I wanted to see them alive,” said the man. “I couldn't hold back tears for months every time I saw their pictures.”

Both mothers apparently had initial doubts that they were given the right babies by the hospital, but neither took any action. 


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