Japanese Fisherman Catches Incredibly Rare Megamouth Shark (Photos And Video)

Fishermen in Japan pulled up an extremely rare species of shark last month.

The Megamouth Shark, a species that has only been spotted by humans 58 times in history, was put on display for a public necropsy in Shizuoka City this week.

The female megamouth weighed 1,500 pounds and was 13-feet-long. Megamouths are so elusive that humans did not even discover the species until 1976.

Here are a few pictures and a video of the shark at the necropsy:

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The megamouth is one of the few sharks in the world that feeds primarily off of plankton. Similarly to a whale, the shark swims around with its massive mouth wide open and filters in plankton and tiny krill. The animal spends most of its days swimming at depths of 300-600 feet, and only comes up closer to the surface at night.

The shark is so exceedingly rare and strange looking that the Discovery Channel dubbed it an “alien shark” during a recent Shark Week.

Sources: Huffington Post, Mail Online


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