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Japanese Diners Surprised By Dead Fish Jumping Off Plate (Video)

A video (below) has surfaced showing the moment a dead fish jumped off a diner’s plate at a restaurant in Japan.

Diners were shocked by the incident, which occurred while they were eating sashimi, Daily Mail reported.

In the clip, a fish can be seen lying on a plate. Its fin begins to shake, before it suddenly leaps up off the plate and lands on the side.

Diners can be heard screaming in the clip and at the end. The footage ends as the diners rush away.

The phenomenon of dead fish and other animals continuing to move shortly after death is relatively common.

In July, a video appeared of a woman attempting to scale a bowfin fish which had already been beheaded. But each time she tried to use a knife to scale the fish, it wriggled free and turned towards her.

At one point, it wriggled off the chopping board and fell into the sink.

The incident originally posted on YouTube, prompted several viewers to offer explanations for what was going on.

“It's because there is a nerve in the spine. The body is controlled by two parts, the brain and the spinal cord,” wrote Gol D. Rogers, according to Daily Mail.

“The body can still move around even if the head is severed, because the spinal cord can still send impulse to the body,” Rogers added.

“It's the same thing that causes a snake to wriggle after you chop its head off or if your heart gets ripped out and keeps beating,” William Brady wrote.

“It's not that it's alive, it's the nerves doing their job. The brain is gone but the spine and nerves are still there and still active,” he added. “The muscles still hold energy in them and can continue to move on their own. This, however, is a reflex.”

Sources: Daily Mail(2) / Photo credit: Screensot/Daily Mail


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