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Japanese Airline Asks You to "Go to the Bathroom Before Boarding"

A Japanese airline has a very noble thought -- make planes lighter, so they use less fuel, and thus reduce carbon emissions. Just the way it is going about it is a little strange. The airline wants its passengers to be lighter, by going to the bathroom before boarding a flight.

All Nippon Airways' (ANA) theory is this: If people have empty bladders, they will weigh less, so the plane will be lighter. ANA hopes to reduce its carbon emissions by five tons over the next 30 days.

Japan's NHKtelevision says the policy began on October 1. It is expected to be a one-month, 42-flight experiment. But if it is successful and passengers don't mind, it could be extended.

Airline staff are stationed at the departure gates asking passengers to relieve themselves before getting on their flights.

The Daily Mail figures that based on an average human bladder capacity of 15oz, if 150 passengers relieved themselves in the terminal, that's about 140 pounds that doesn't get onto the flight.

So is this a waste of time? Will eliminating the equivalent of one medium-sized passenger really reduce carbon emissions? Or should the airline put its resources into a plan that might be more effective?


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