Massive News: Japan Suspends Whale Massacre

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Fans of Whale Wars have already been dazzled by the intrepid folks of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, but their latest efforts to disrupt the horrific killings of marine animals by Japanese whalers have been so successful that Japan has announced that it's suspending its annual whale slaughter—and may call the fleet back home entirely!

Bravo to Sea Shepherd for a job well done—and we know that you'll keep up the great work until whales, dolphins, and seals are safe.

By the way, Whale Wars fans should also check out PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk's book, One Can Make a Difference, which includes a first-hand account from a Sea Shepherd crew member, along with the stories of others who are, well, making a difference (just like you can).

Written by Jeff Mackey


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