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Japan High School Wants Boat Returned After it Disappeared in Tsunami

A high school in Japan has asked for their boat back after it was discovered in Crescent City, Calif. 

The city of Rikuzentakata in Japan is ecstatic that their boat has been found after a photo of it was uploaded to Facebook.

It traveled 5,500 miles to the California town.

Hours after it was uploaded to the Crescent City Facebook page, a teacher in Japan said that the boat belonged to her school.

Lori Dengler, a geologist at Humboldt State University, said she uploaded the pictures after she had a university librarian translate the name of the high school which was written on the boat.

Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami hit in 2011, killing more than 16,000 people. 

It is estimated that about five million tons of debris was released into the Pacific Ocean.

The majority of it sunk to the bottom of the ocean but about 1.5 tons have continued floating.

There are reports of remnants found in California, Oregon and Washington, including a 70 foot dock that landed in Newport and another dock that landed on the Olympic Peninsula. 

Living organisms were found on the docks, including plant life and barnacles.

But one boat washed ashore in Washington state with fish on it, shocking scientists that previously believe species could only survive on larger objects like docks.

Sources: Daily Mail, KOIN


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