January 12, 2010 is "Stop the Hate Day" on Twitter

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Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr. (Hive Mind, Flatland) and musician Jay Link (Death and Taxes) believe that the problems of hate-spreading, cyber-bullying, and cyber-harassment through social media can be solved.

In a move to bring attention to the issue, Ehlinger and Link have formed a loose coalition of celebrities and users they call "The Twitter SuperFriends" to declare Tuesday January 12, 2010 as Stop The Hate Day on Twitter.

Ehlinger became aware that musician Jay Link (lead vocalist of the Los Angeles based hard rock group Death and Taxes) was having troubles with the issue on Twitter, and penned an article titled "I am Batman" calling attention to the situation, and pledging to do whatever he could to stop the problem.

"No matter how right you think you are in a fight, there is a line," he says. "You do not post addresses or phone numbers online. You do not post private pictures. There is a line. You do not cross it. We need the positive side in social media to win."

"Twitter is such a positive place to be" Link adds. "Twitter has allowed me to interact with my fans, and that is a powerful thing. I would very much like Twitter to always be a positive and safe experience for everyone."

In order to increase awareness about the issue, Ehlinger has brought together a group of people that will join forces all day Tuesday on Twitter to forward the message.

The group, consisting of both everyday Twitter users as well as celebrities who maintain active Twitter accounts, will 'tweet' en-masse throughout the day in an effort to trend #stopthehate. Tweets will also contain links to Ehlinger's article "We Are Superman."

The group feels that by directing their positive message they will help spread awareness of the Stop The Hate message even further.

"Twitter has been used to spread the word about some extremely important and positive movements. From charitable organizations like the 12for12K Challenge, to last year's record setting Beat Cancer Campaign, it's clear that Twitter can make a positive difference," states Ehlinger.

"It is our hope that we can open a direct dialogue with Twitter about these issues faced by people, in an attempt to put an end to the haters who cause problems. Not just for Jay Link, but for everyone that has had to put up with the same type of threatening behavior."

"Twitter is a wonderful place to promote movies, music, businesses, charities - it's a wonderful social medium," Ehlinger continues. "And we want to help make it even better."

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