Janitor Granted $76K He Found Cleaning A Toilet

Former janitor Chamindu Amarsinghe will receive the $76,000 he found while cleaning a toilet in Australia’s Channel 9 news headquarters.

Amarsinghe was cleaning the ground floor toilets in August of 2011 when he found a sanitary bin full of $50 and $100 bills.

“There was too much to count,” Amarsinghe said. “I thought someone was playing a prank on me.”

Amarsinghe immediately reported the cash to his supervisor, who reported it to the police. However, investigators were never able to establish the origin of the money and it was never claimed.

On Tuesday, magistrate Michael Smith finally ordered that the majority of the cash should go to Amarsinghe, noting that such honesty shouldn’t go unrewarded.

Amarsinghe said that he would use part of the money to help disabled people and donate another portion to a Buddhist temple.

“I’m really, really lucky,” Amarsinghe said. "I’m not going to waste it.”

Sources: NY Post, UPI


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