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Jane Lynch

I cannot believe that anyone with an OUNCE of brains would a)repeat such an idiotic phrase to which one cannot even logically support and b) believe what they are saying if they have indeed researched the truth on PETA.

The reason there are animals in welfare is not due to a respectable breeder being irresponsible, any decent breeder will always take back a dog they have bred instead of allowing it to go to rescue.  The reason so many animals are in rescue is because of people associated with PETA and HSUS who let animals go wild, where..the PROCREATE!  

I for one will never ever spend another minute of my time watching anything with Jane Lynch in it nor will I ever watch anything produced by her, or anything where she was a writer, the camera person, the director, the hairdresser (which she obviously does her own), nor will I do any business with any company that she endorses and I WILL WRITE to everyone of the companies she is associated with.

She obviously was very much in dire need of work if she so vehemently hates animals and those associated with animals if she supposedly lowered herself to make the movie "Best In Show".  Even if it is a spoof, she participated in something which made money off the backs of animals and animal lovers.

Jany Lynch you are a hypocrit of the lowest degree!  Not only that but the only reason you are now aligning yourself with PETA in such an outward manner is in the hopes of increasing your popularity.  Well, I for one am no longer a fan, and not only am I no longer a fan, I will ensure that all of my friends that own a dog or cat or bird or any other animal is no longer a fan. 

Just remember this Miss Jane Lynch, for every person that you piss off....they will tell 100 people and then the 80/20 rule applies,  in which 80 of those people will agree with me and your popularity will soon be like that of Mel Gibson.

Instead of Animals being Obsolete....we need to make Jane Lynch Obsolete!

PS. Tolerance Jane...Tolerance, I think you are one that appreciates it when given but isn't one who gives it...WHAT A HYPOCRITE.... amazing!  You're not a class act at fact I hope that soon you will be a NO ACT!


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