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Jane Fonda Says She Is A Child Sexual Abuse Victim

For the first time, Jane Fonda revealed in an interview she was sexually abused as a child.

Fonda, 79, was discussing feminism and the tendency for women to be "people-pleasers" with Brie Larson of The Edit when she dropped the bombshell.

"To show you the extent to which a patriarchy takes a toll on females; I've been raped, I've been sexually abused as a child and I've been fired because I wouldn't sleep with my boss and I always thought it was my fault; that I didn't do or say the right thing," revealed Fonda.

While I she didn't got into specific details, Fonda did talk about how the incident, and others like it, deeply affected the rest of her life.

"It took me 60 years to learn how to say no," she said.

"I took parts I wasn't right for and I was taken advantage of," Fonda added. "I didn't know how to stand up for myself."

What's more, Fonda says she wasn't the only one, commenting that abuse was more prevalent when she was growing up. She thanks the women's movement for helping her heal.

"I know young girls who’ve been raped and didn’t even know it was rape," she said. "'They think, “It must have been because I said ‘no’ the wrong way.' One of the great things the women’s movement has done is to make us realize that [rape and abuse is] not our fault."

Consequently, these days, Fonda say she feels much more empowered.

"Now I would say, 'No. This is a piece of s***," she continued. "'I don't like the way you're treating me', and I leave. If I only knew then what I do now."

Her words touched many who were moved by Fonda's revelation.

"How sad," said one woman on People Magazine's Facebook post about Fonda. "She is such a wonderful and beautiful women. I am so sorry to hear this."

"How in the face of adversity she was able to be victorious in her journey of life than to be victimize forever," added another. "She is strong, fierce and simply brave. You symbolize strength in the face of abuse, courage in the face of cowardness. Thank you for sharing your story."

Fonda's interviewer, Larson, also thanked the woman.

"Thank you for how vocal you were and are," she said. "It has paved the way for so many of us."

Sources: NET-A-PORTER, People Magazine/Facebook / Photo Credit:Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons

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