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James Johnson, Man Who Called Police On Chris Lane's Killers, Calls Killing A Gang Initiation

According to James Johnson, the man who called the police on the three teenagers who allegedly killed Chris Lane, Lane’s killing was part of a gang initiation.

Since the killing, many have been speculative of the police report that said the three teenagers killed lane “because they were bored.”

But according to Johnson, the shooting was not out of boredom, and the teenagers were at his house later that night trying to recruit his 17-year-old son Chris to join the gang as well.

"I don't think it was an initiation – I know it was an initiation, my son told me it was an initiation," Johnson said.

Police have not yet responded to Johnson’s claim, though documents confirm that the boys were arrested outside of his house on the evening of the shooting.

“I just thank God I was there, and that Chris was not outside, they could have just driven past and shot him, I don't even like to contemplate that,” Johnson said.

Johnson called police after the boys sent his son a death threat and showed up near his house. The boys drove into the parking lot where Johnson was working on his car, which is right across the street. Afraid for his son’s life, he called the police.

Police arrived at the scene within minutes and found the gun used to kill Lane in the car.

"To be quite honest, if they were smarter, they could have come up behind me and shot me in the head,” Johnson said. "I feel very sorry for them, they have ruined their whole lives, but they did the crime, they have to do the time. Perhaps they can make a life inside, get God in their lives.”

Sources: Syndey Morning Herald, Examiner


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