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James Genda Killed by Police for Having BB Gun Pistol (Video)

A University of Akron police officer recently shot and killed James Genda, 64, because he allegedly pulled out a BB gun pistol that looked similar to .45 caliber handgun (video below).

According to WKYC-TV, the university police officer pulled Genda over for a routine traffic stop near a DMV on May 16 in Arkron, Ohio.

When the unidentified university police officer asked Genda for his driver’s license and registration, the officer claimed that it appeared Genda pulled out a handgun, which turned out to be a BB gun.

Chief of University of Akron Police Paul Callahan told FOX 8 News: “Officers aren’t in a position to ask, is that a real gun you are pointing at me? You know; they’ve got to respond when those things happen and anybody in that situation would have done the same thing.”

A University of Akron spokeswoman said the police officer will not be identified, but will be placed on administrative leave. The incident is still under investigation.

Sources: WKYC-TV and FOX 8 News


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