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James Eades Arrested After Refusing to Roll Down Window Completely (Video)

James Eades and a friend were driving on Friday morning when they came to an "Operation Thunder Checkpoint" in Augusta, Ga., which they thought was an accident scene (video below).

"We saw what appeared to be an accident scene – a couple of police cars with blue lights, a car carrier and a couple of cars sitting around with no lights on," Eades told WJBF-TV.

Eades tried to make a U-turn to avoid traffic delay, but when police saw Eades turning around, they pulled him over.

"When he turned his blue lights on, I immediately pulled over to the side of the road, put my window down about halfway," recalled Eades.

Eades said a police officer walked up and told him to roll down his window all the way, which the motorist refused to do.

In response, the police officer told Eades that he was obstructing his investigation and arrested him.

"I think, in this instance, the guy didn't want to let the window down, didn't want to talk to the officer and didn't want to give him the information," said Lt. Amelio Lamkin of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. "So when you don't give the information, you can be charged with obstruction on a traffic stop."

Eades claimed that he was arrested and charged simply because he refused to roll his window all the way down. "It's obviously to cite and arrest as many people as possible, and to raise as much revenue as possible."

"Our overall goal is to lower the number of crashes, lower the number of injuries and lower the number of fatalities in Richmond County," countered Lt. Lamkin.

Eades plans to fight the charges in court on June 20.

Source: WJBF-TV


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