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James DiMaggio's Sister Claims He 'Gave His Life to Protect' Hannah Anderson (Video)

James DiMaggio's sister Lora claimed tonight on CNN that there is no evidence her brother murdered Christina Anderson and her son Ethan, who were found dead at his burned down house.

Lora DiMaggio even went as far to claim that he "gave his life to protect" Hannah Anderson, whom he reportedly abducted and took to Idaho, before he was shot and killed by the FBI.

"Do you believe everything a 16-year-old tells you? I think Hannah got herself into a situation she couldn't get herself out of and my brother gave his life to protect her," Lori told CNN's Piers Morgan (video below).

However, the accusations against James DiMaggio occurred days before Hannah Anderson ever spoke to law enforcement.

"I know the Hannah Anderson that I saw a few night ago on the TV is certainly not the girl that stayed in my home three weeks prior to them disappearing. I remember very vividly telling my brother, she's trouble," claimed Lori.

Lora also claimed that Joe told her Hannah was "very upset" with her mother and "she blamed her mother for her father moving to Tennessee."

"To me, it doesn't add up. It doesn't make sense. I need facts and evidence. Real facts," claimed Lori, who did not say specifically what didn't "add up."

"If they had flown me in to Idaho I would have talked him out of there and he could have come home and had a proper trial," added Lori.

Authorities have said DiMaggio set fire to his home using a timer, giving him a 20-hour lead on law enforcement.  That information did not come from Hannah Anderson who was not even aware her mother and brother were dead until she was rescued by the FBI on August 10.

Source: CNN


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