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Jaime Kurz Claims She Was Terminated As Assistant Librarian After Reporting Employees For Having Sex At Library

A now former assistant librarian in a New Mexico town is planning to file a lawsuit after she says she was fired from the job for reporting two employees who were having sex in the in the children’s section of the Estancia Public Library.

Jaime Kurz reportedly arrived at the library right before it opened one day in August and heard noises before finding two employees having sexual intercourse, according to KOB.

Joseph CampBell, the attorney representing Kurz, said that his client contacted town clerk Julie Carter and reported what she saw and Carter then contacted Mayor Sylvia Chavez.

Kurz sent a letter to the mayor in early October requesting time off to avoid a “hostile work situation,” and CampBell said the mayor signed the letter. However, a few days later, both Kurz and Carter found out they were losing their jobs.

“They’re two outsiders, non-locals,” CampBell stated.  “You know, they stumbled upon and kicked up a hornets nest.”

A letter from the mayor to Kurz reportedly stated that that she was being terminated for failing to turn over keys to the library when asked and for failing to meet with the mayor to discuss the hostile work claims.

The city’s attorney Catherine Robinson spoke with KOB and said Kurz and Carter were not terminated for reporting the alleged sex act, but said she could not elaborate since it was a personnel matter.

The Blaze notes that Carter has also hired an attorney who also plans to file a lawsuit against the town.

Sources: The Blaze, KOB 


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