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Ivanka Trump Criticized For 'Tone-Deaf' Tweet (Photo)

Ivanka Trump is being criticized for sending a "tone-deaf" tweet while protests went on around the country in response to her father's ban on Muslim immigrants.

On Jan. 28, President Donald Trump issued a ban on admitting Muslim immigrants from seven countries into the United States. The executive order was highly controversial and protests began all over the country, with thousands denouncing the president's sudden move, which will temporarily ban about 218 million people from the United States, according to Elite Daily.

In the midst of the controversy and nationwide protests, Donald's daughter, Ivanka, had something else on her mind. What she posted on a Twitter outraged many.

Ivanka shared a photo on her Twitter page of herself with her husband, Jared Kushner, dressed up for a night out at a gala.

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The post immediately received backlash, with many criticizing Ivanka for ignoring the fact that millions feel their rights have been violated by her father and his administration, while she enjoys a night out.

"Thousands of families are being ripped apart because of your father but that's a cute dress," one Twitter user responded. "Have fun at your party!"

"Glad the first daughter is enjoying her night out on the town as a our country betrays everything it stands for," another user wrote.

Many criticized the couple for being "out of touch," and referred to Ivanka's tweet as being "tone-deaf."

According to the Daily Mail, the photo of the couple was taken at the annual Alfalfa Club dinner and Ivanka's dress for the evening costs roughly $5,000.

While the president's daughter attended the dinner, legal permanent residents of the United States and visa-holders traveling from the seven countries included in Donald's Muslim ban -- including children -- were detained in airports around the country, with some being deported to the countries from which they came. Later that night, the American Civil Liberties Union won a legal battle, however, which prevented detainees from being deported.

Sources: Daily MailElite Daily / Photo credit: Ivanka Trump/Twitter via Daily Mail

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