Report: Ivanka Trump Will Get The First Lady's Office


Ivanka Trump will reportedly take the White House office usually reserved for the first lady, amid speculation that President-elect Donald Trump's eldest daughter will play a more active role in a Trump presidency than her father's wife, Melania.

Lisa Miranda of CNN broke the news in a Dec. 14 tweet that also said it is not yet known whether Ivanka will have an official role in her father's administration; however, some have speculated that she will take on the majority of the first lady's responsibilities, while Melania is expected to remain in New York during the beginning of his first term as their young son, Barron, completes the school year, reports The Hill.

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Ivanka played a prominent role in her father's presidential campaign, appearing with him to speak at rallies, town halls and other events, notes The New York Times. She has long been a central figure in many of the highest-profile Trump Organization business dealings over the years, including the decision to convert the Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C., into a luxury hotel and the purchase of Miami's Doral Resort.

The president-elect said in December that he would "love" to bring Ivanka and her husband, businessman Jared Kushner, into his administration, though he has not announced an official position for either.

"If you look at Ivanka, you take a look, she's so strong, as you know, to the women's issue and childcare, and so many things she'd be so good," Trump told Fox News during a December interview. "Nobody can do better than her.  I'd just have to see whether or not we can do that.  She'd like to do that." 

The president-elect also said that he would "love to have Jared helping" make international deals "and see if we can do peace in the Middle East and other things."

Sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are expected to take over their father's businesses while he runs the country, though the elder Trump has not yet said whether Ivanka would join them to lead the Trump Organization, notes The Hill.

Sources: The Hill, Lisa Mirando/Twitter, Fox News, The New York Times / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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