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Ivanka Trump Blasted After Not Carrying Bag For Kids (Photos)

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Some blasted Ivanka Trump for not carrying a bag for her children on her way to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot on Oct. 5.

Ivanka was spotted walking with husband Jared Kushner to the Friends of Lubavitch Synagogue in Washington, D.C., with her three children: Arabella, 6; Joseph, 3; and 1-year-old Theodore, the Daily Mail reports.

The kids were scooting along as Ivanka, donning a long-sleeved conservative black lace dress and green hat, smiled down at them.

To a few, however, it was a less-than-picturesque scene as some questioned why Ivanka was not carrying a bag full of things to take care of her children.

"How many mothers of three, including a child still in nappies, can leave the house without so much as a handbag, let alone a large bag with spare diapers, some toys to play with in church and paper hankies etc…?" asked one person in the Daily Mail's comments section.

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Others were alarmed Ivanka allowed her 1-year-old to ride a scooter.

"That youngest kid is not big enough to safely control a scooter and Joseph is not wearing his helmet (is it his sister's old one?) correctly," said another. "Neither is the youngest; the strap is far too loose. Why bother if you are not going to wear them properly?"

However, some defended Ivanka.

"An amazing family raising their children in faith- ignore the bigoted sexist liberals- You guys look great," shot back one.

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"So much hatred toward this family," said a second. "I don't get it. What exactly have these 2 done to you. What have they really and truly done to change your life, to make your life awful? Nothing. You hate her for having money, or her clothes, whatever but it boils down to you are unhappy with yourself. This is a beautiful family. And no I am not a huge fan of Trump."

Ivanka has previously spoken out about the challenges of balancing motherhood and her career to the media, calling it "incredibly difficult"  and adding that sometimes, she feels she does "a really good job" while on other days, not so much.

"I have, personally, thrown balance out the window," she added, CNN reports. "I don't even strive for it anymore because I don't like to intentionally set myself up for failure. I did that, probably the first two years of my daughter's life, but I've actually chilled out a bit on this front. I think that balance implies a scale, which inevitably tips in one direction. And the challenge with children, so often, the levers are outside of your control."

Sources: Daily MailCNN / Featured Image: Michael Vadon/Flickr / Embedded Images: Daily Mail

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