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Children Discover Mutilated Bodies Of Two Dead Babies In Philadelphia, Police Say

Philadelphia police have launched an investigation after the bodies of two babies were reportedly discovered by a boy and girl playing in a field.

Kasime Crawford, 9, was on his way to a pizza shop with a friend on Nov. 15 when he noticed a peculiar smell coming from near a used car lot, ABC affiliate WPVI reported. He followed the smell, which led him to the gruesome discovery.

“Two dead babies, and that's when we turned it over,” Crawford told WPVI. “The stomach was cut open and the head was cut, and the other one was little and it had an umbilical cord in its stomach.”

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(Kasime Crawford. Photo Credit: WPVI)

Crawford went home and told his father.

“They came home and said they seen babies,” Ronnie Jackson, the boy’s father, said. “I thought they was doll babies or something, but this morning they said no they were babies, they smelled it so I called police.”

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(Ronnie Jackson. Photo Credit: WPVI)

Police believe the babies were newborns, but they died some time ago and were dumped at the scene. Marks on the bodies suggest autopsies were performed before they were abandoned. The Special Victims Unit is currently investigating.

Authorities received a tip about occupants of a black pickup truck with an unknown license plate dumping trash on the highway near the scene. Investigators are reviewing video from nearby surveillance cameras in hopes of identifying any potential suspects.

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(Investigators walking away from crime scene where two dead babies we found in Philadelphia. Photo Credit: WPVI)

“It’s tragic. I mean babies don't deserve that," Jackson said. "Babies are innocent. They shouldn't be sitting out there like that. You shouldn't throw kids away.”

Police spokeswoman Officer Tanya Little agreed.

“I don't know who would do that to these babies, or why,” she told “But I know it's sad that these babies weren't properly put to rest.”

Sources: WPVI/6 ABC, / Photo Credit: WPVI

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