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'It's Tough To Watch': Bear Attack Survivor Who Saved Daughter Recalls Events 10 Years Later


In 2005, a man from Escondido, California man threw himself in front of his daughter and endured a violent attack from a grizzly bear. A decade later, he's miraculously alive to tell his story.

Johan Otter went to Montana in 2005 to visit his daughter, Jenna, and the two went hiking on a trail at Glacier National Park. During their hike, the duo was confronted by a grizzly bear and her two cubs.

"She could have touched it — basically that close. So she stepped back real fast and just naturally, as a parent, you step in front of your kid," Johan said. The bear began to attack, and both Otter and his daughter suffered life-threatening injuries. 

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"The bear kind of goes like this on it, basically digging for a bone, which is your skull and biting on it like this," he said. "I was able to stay standing, but I'm like my whole front is exposed and this is not a good scene, so that's when I decided to jump off the mountain." The bear ran to Jenna after Johan jumped, and she fell roughly 50 feet. They were later rescued. 

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The duo will be featured in an upcoming episode of the ABC series "In An Instant," which Johan said was "tough to watch, especially when you talk about the people that have helped you, I think that gets me emotional because all of these people did all of this stuff for us."

Despite the life-threatening attack and despite suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Johan said he and Jenna still return to Glacier National Park every year to hike. "We're very loud on the trail and we're going to plan to do this rest of our lives until someone can't do it anymore," he said. "We're already planning what kind of trail we're going to do when we're 80, so we'll see."

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Sources: Daily Mail, ABC 10 News / Photo Credit: AP and Screen Captures via Daily Mail


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