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'It's Something I've Never Seen': Man Ejected Onto Freeway Sign During Fatal Crash

The body of a 20-year-old California man landed on a freeway sign during a horrific car accident. According to reports from staff at Fox 11 News, several veteran newscasters say they have never seen such a spectacle before. 

Richard Pananian died on Oct. 20 while driving to work around 7 a.m. Pananian reportedly was speeding and passing vehicles on the right shoulder of the southbound Golden State (5) Freeway, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Pananian's car, a 2004 Ford Fiesta, collided into a truck and rolled over numerous times. Pananian, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected from the car. His body was propelled onto a 20-foot tall freeway sign. Rescue crews needed a ladder in order to retrieve Pananian's body, reports The L.A. Times.

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Before the crash, the California Highway Patrol received a phone call about a reckless driver of a Ford Fiesta.

In the GoFundMe page established for Pananian's funeral expenses, a relative said that a lamb sacrifice had been performed to protect him from harm days before the fatal crash.

“A week ago today on 10/25 the family had done what is called a ‘matag’ or a lamb sacrifice for Richard to protect him from harm and evil,” wrote cousin Armen Kardashian, reports KTLA 5 News. “In the Armenian culture sacrifices are done when someone escapes death, as Richards life was once spared.”

No information was provided regarding the manner in which Pananian had previously escaped death.

“I find it ironic that 5 days after this offering to God, not only did God choose to take this young mans life, but decided to make such a spectacle out of it," Kardashian said.

The 20-year-old was described as being a generous and compassionate person who enjoyed working with cars.

“He loved to work on, with, around cars, was never afraid to get his hands dirty. He was a type of person that would remember you, and call you to say hey I hope your having a good day. Completely selfless and gave to others before taking himself,” Kardashian stated.

More than $15,000 has been raised to help the family with funeral expenses, according to the LA Times.

"He really was a genuine soul," Kardashian told ABC 7 News. "I personally don't run across a lot of people who are as genuine and loving and caring as Richard," Kardashian said. "His memory is forever in our hearts."

Sources: The L.A. Times, ABC 7 News, Fox 11 News, KTLA 5 News / Photo credit: KTLA News on Facebook, Buzzfeed


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