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Georgia State Trooper Avoids Charges After Car Crash That Killed Two Teens

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A Georgia State Trooper avoided charges in a car crash that killed two teenagers.

Former trooper Anthony J. Scott was involved in a collision on Sept. 26, 2015 that killed teenagers Kylie Lindsay and Isabella Chinchilla. Fellow passengers Dillon Wall and Benjamin Finken were seriously injured in the crash.

Dashcam video on Scott's patrol car reveals Wall was attempting to make a left turn when Scott, who was driving at more than 90 miles per hour, hit them. Investigators report he was not responding to a call and his lights and sirens were not on at the time of the crash. 

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A grand jury announced that it would not to indict Scott for his part in the accident. After a one-month investigation, Scott's employment was terminated, WXIA reports.

"Turns out he was running at a high rate of speed through this intersection in a territory that’s he’s familiar with and should have known the dangers that potentially exist," Capt. Mark Perry of the Georgia Department of Public Safety said. 

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Sources: WXIA, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Photo credit: WXIA, New York Daily News

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