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'It's Pretty Threatening': Nevada Resident Sparks Outrage With Hateful Letter About Keeping Neighborhood White (Photo)

Spring Valley, Nevada, residents are outraged after learning about a racist letter being sent out to neighbors with the stamp of their homeowner’s association (HOA).

Two people in Spring Valley received the letter during the week of Nov. 9, KTNV reported. The letter has a swastika on it and what appears to be the stamp of the Spring Valley Neighborhood Association. It’s also written on the letterhead of the law firm that represents the HOA.

The letter reads:

“To all Spring Valley home owners we ask that you stop renting your homes to Blacks, Orientals, Jews, Arabs. We want to keep our neighborhood white.”

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“It's pretty threatening,” Spring Valley resident Brandon Evans told KTNV.

Neighbors agreed that the message is not only disturbing but also strange considering how diverse the area is.

“I think it's a crock, I mean from that letter, I mean this neighborhood hasn't been white for years,” Mark Williams, who also lives in the area, said. “I’m half Mexican myself. So, it's like, who cares.

“Personally, if I found out who did it, I would try to get them kicked out you know cause hate's bull.”

The HOA told the news station they had nothing to do with the letter. In fact, they said they are just as upset as the neighbors are about it.

Neighbors are so determined to find out who sent the letter that they even asked the FBI to look into it. The FBI confirmed to the news station that they were notified about the letter.

“We don't need this in our neighborhood, we have a nice neighborhood and we want to keep it that way, and by this I mean hatred,” neighbor Jim Arnold said.

The HOA is asking anyone who’s received the letter to let them know. They hope it will help authorities find out where the letters are coming from.

In 2013, the FBI were notified of 5,928 criminal incidents involving 6,933 offenses that were categorized as hate crimes, the bureau reported in a 2014 press release. Of the 4,430 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in 2013, 43.5 percent involved intimidation. 

Sources: KTNV, FBI 2013 Hate Crime Statistics / Photo Credit: Screenshot/KTNV

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