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Prince William and Kate Middleton Set Wedding Date

Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen their wedding date… And it is Friday 29th April, which coincidentally is Saint Catherine’s Day.

The wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey in London, where Diana’s funeral was held, and which was also the venue of other historic royal weddings; for example, it is where William’s Grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, and also her mother, were married.

According to the Daily Mail, Clarence House announced the date at lunchtime (UK time) and confirmed the venue was Westminster Abbey.

As reported yesterday, various officials were hoping for a later wedding, but William and Kate stood their ground, apparently insisting it was to be a spring wedding.

Prince William’s private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton said that the couple felt that Westminster Abbey, even though it can accommodate up to 2,200 guests, still has a lovely intimate feel of a small parish church.

The government has announced that the day will be a public holiday, and William and Kate, bless their hearts, would like the surrounding area to have a street party atmosphere – which leads one to wonder how many barbecues can fit around the vicinity of the Abbey?

And the other surprise news, according to Palace officials, is that the British taxpayer will only cover the security costs, and all other wedding costs will be paid for by both the Royal family and the Middletons.

On hearing this news one has visions of the Queen, Prince Philip and Michael and Carol sitting in their armchairs in front of the fireplace, each with a lovely glass of sherry, complete with a pen and paper and exercise book noting who will pay for what. A cosy wee image of the future in-laws together.

Ahhh, the heart sighs.

Watch this space for more wedding news as they come to hand.


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