Stranger Attacks Woman With American Flag

A 30-year-old woman has been arrested by police in Lawrenceville, Georgia, after allegedly attacking another woman with an American flag.

Aisha Ibrahim reportedly entered Dami Arno’s property May 31, grabbed the flag from her mailbox and launched the attack, according to media reports.

The flag was attached to a 4-foot-long PVC pipe.

“I stood up and I yelled at her, ‘Don’t touch my flag,’ and she yanked it up out and headed towards us just waving it,” Arno told WXIA.

Arno’s daughter came to her aid.

“As soon as she realized mommy was fighting for her life, my daughter was right by my side trying to stop her,” Arno added.

Ibrahim also allegedly removed her shoe and struck the daughter with it on the head.

“I’ve got a swollen knuckle, I’ve got a bruise there, I’ve got a bruise there and she got me on my face,” added Arno.

Her 14-year-old son got the family’s firearm and threatened to fire a warning shot.

“That did not even phase her,” Arno added. “It didn’t stop her; it didn’t do anything.”

Arno was left puzzled as to the motive behind the attack.

“She never said a word, the look in her eyes, my neighbor even asked if she had been brainwashed,” Arno added. “Crazy, that’s all, that’s the only way I can explain it.”

“How much plainer could a hate crime be when she rips your American flag off and charges you on your own property. It’s nothing less than a hate crime,” she told WXIA.

While news outlets including the Daily Mail and WXIA emphasized the fact that Ibrahim was wearing a burka, no evidence has been presented to suggest that her religion played any role in the attack.

Ibrahim was charged with two counts of battery. An additional misdemeanor was added after police discovered she had initially provided them with a false name.

“A muslim women tore my flag pole down this morning and attacked me and my daughter with it after the fight she was charged with simple battery 2 counts nothing else no hate crime no destruction of property no criminal trespassing nothing,” Arno later wrote on Facebook, Smoking Gun reported.

Sources: WXIA, Smoking Gun, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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