Woman Arrested For Beating A Mother With Baby (Video)


Arkansas police are investigating a viral video of a woman beating another woman with a baby present.

The woman attacking was 25-year-old Shatarvaras Smith, according to WMC. And West Memphis Police Department arrested her for aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and second-degree battery charges.

The video shows Smith attacking another woman who is lying on a bed with her 11-month-old baby only inches away. Smith is seen getting on top of the woman and repeatedly hitting her head. The woman cries and tries to cover her face from the assault, but Smith continues to hit her while the person taking the video is heard laughing.

The video is difficult to watch, but it was the baby's presence that spurred police into immediate action.

"With the child involved, it's an atrocious video," Captain Joe Baker of the West Memphis Police Department told WMC. "You know, great danger of injury to that child, and that's just ridiculous. No reason at all for that to happen."

The attack occurred on April 10. The video was shared on Facebook and local news in Arkansas picked up the story, leading police to act.

According to WMC, the altercation started weeks ago at a club when Smith and the baby's mother got into a fight over a man.

The video had gotten more than 170,000 views on Facebook in three days.

"My mouth is open but there are no words," said a Facebook commenter. "Why would you make a video of this disgusting behavior?? Why not call police or at least get that baby out of the fray? What is wrong with people?!"

Sources: WREG/Facebook, WMC/ Photo credit: Facebook/WREG

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