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Restaurant In Hot Water For Offensive Sign (Photo)

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A New York restaurant is in hot water after posting a sign that some have called "disgusting" and "discriminating."  

Website The Mighty reports that Mike's Pig Pen of Watertown, New York, hung the following sign above the bathroom in their restaurant: 

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The sign reads:  "*Attention*  If you are a diabetic and have to give yourself an injection, please do so in the restroom.  Thank you!"  

According to The Mighty, people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes often need an injection of insulin before eating in order to control their blood sugar.  

Patrons of the restaurant took to Facebook to vent their outrage at sign.  

One poster wrote:  

I’m terrified of needles, can’t be in the same room as them and watching people give themselves injections freaks me out… With that said, I turn away or I leave, I would never expect a diabetic to leave the room and go inject themselves in a filthy bathroom due to me being uncomfortable. This is seriously wrong.

Another added: 

Mike I was made aware of a sign at your establishment about diabetics. You should be ashamed of yourself. My daughter has to take injections to keep alive. She did not have a choice in the [matter] and would die without them. I am so sorry you are uneasy or uncomfortable around people that have to inject insulin to live. You have a choice, she did not.

According to, people with diabetes often face hardships while eating out, in addition to their insulin injections.  The website recommends that diabetes sufferers should plan ahead when eating out, due to the limited types and quantities of food that someone with diabetes can consume. 

The Mighty reports that after the barrage of criticism, Mike's Pig Pen has taken down the sign, and posted the following message to their Facebook page:  

I put a sign up because I had a person come in and give themselves a shot and people sitting near were put out by seeing this. the place is very small there really is no private place to do the shot. I like all walks of life!!! I have good friends that are diabetic. This whole thing was taken way wrong. Didn’t put sign up to make people not like me. This is the only way I  make my money.

Sources: The Mighty, / Photo credit: NNY Biz Mag

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